School Holiday Camps 10-13 yrs

School holiday camp activities


Our camps are currently being reviewed. Please contact out office if you would like some information about our upcoming camps.


Transport options

Shuttle/Bus service


A shuttle service or bus pick up and drop off is available for all of our school holiday camps.  Pick ups are usually scheduled for 8:30 am form a pick up point in Christchurch city and the airport the day before or first day of camp. All pick up’s are to be booked in advanced as seats may be limited.

* no shuttle provided for1/2 camp options/Wednesday pick ups.


Drop off and pick up options


Drop off time on Monday morning is between 10:00-11 am at the camp location. drop off instructions will be given for each camp.

Pick up time for 1/2 camp options/Wednesday is between 4-5pm.

End of camp pick up time will be no later than 3pm  on Friday from the Centre.

We invite parents to come out and have a look around or visit us during programme hours.




Bunk room accommodation is used for all of our school holiday camps. Boys and Girls are given separate cabins.



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