Safety Management

The Adventure Activities Regulations 2011 requires all operators providing adventure activities to  have a safety management system in place and have this system approved by a certified government auditor.

The key to writing a good safety management plan is to ensure it reflects the uniqueness of your organisation, is simplistic, and is easy to implement. Our experienced team have designed and developed multiple safety management plans and systems to support businesses through their audit and ongoing surveillance.


Safety management

OENZ – Outdoor Education New Zealand can assist with your SMP (safety management plan) in a number of ways:

  • We apply our review tools and practical experience to your existing systems and provide feedback.
  • We provide a template for you to write your own SMP and provide support throughout that process.
  • We write your SMP (safety management plan) on your behalf
  • We provide consultation regarding all aspects of the audit process to help you prepare for your upcoming audit.
  • We support you through the surveillance period and ensure your organisation is meeting surveillance requirements in place.


The process


Initial consultation (book now)

This is a free consultation to determine what your needs are. We look at your organisation, what it currently has in place and how it is implementing current systems. We then provide a written quote or proposal outlining costs and any agreed work that we will do confirming what was discussed.


 The paperwork

This will be completed in an agreed upon time frame with updates provided along the way. On site visits will be included to see how current adventure activities are managed and from here we will begin the paperwork.

Draft documentation is provided for your review and any added or changed systems will be discussed prior to implementing.


Completed workAdventure Mark Logo

Once we’re happy we have all your documentation and systems ready to go, we finish off with a full induction into the paperwork and make sure you understand all aspects of implementing your SMP.

A final report is provided outlining work completed, changes made and/or recommendations for the future.  A digital and hard copy of your SMP and associated systems is then given to you while we hold all your documentation on cloud for up to 7 years.



We provide you with ongoing support to ensure your meeting surveillance requirements and can incorporate site visits to ensure your documentation is on track.


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