7-day Trad Climbing March 5, 2022

A 7-day comprehensive trad climbing course.

Custom training course
7-day trad climbing course.

Trad Climbing Course Overview


Our 7-day trad climbing course is a comprehensive trad climbing course.  Starting in Christchurch, you will be introduced to all aspects of trad climbing before heading into Mt Somers for the last 5 days of the course. This course includes learning how to use natural and placed protection for single & multi-pitch climbing, using half ropes, anchor building and rope rescue skills.

This course combines our 2-day intro to trad course with our 5-day expedition style course advanced trad climbing course. This means that the first two days will be delivered in Christchurch before heading into Pinnacles Hut, Mt Somers (one of NZ best Climbing destinations). Pinnacles Hut is a remote backcountry hut 3 hrs walk from the car park. Return transport from Christchurch and your accommodation at Pinnacles Hut is included.

This course is suitable for recreational climbers interested in trad climbing  & multi-pitch climbing or those interested in alpine climbing. Professional instructors working towards  NZOIA (New Zealand Outdoor Instructors Association) NZOIA Rock1 or Rock 2 awards would also benefit from this course.




This is a comprehensive trad climbing course starting from scratch. So you don’t need to have any trad climbing experience to enrol in this course. However, we would like people to have some climbing experience and be able to lead climb at NZ grade 14 and be able to lead belay with an ATC/Belay plate before attending.

Please give us a call or email before booking if you’re unsure if you meet the prerequisites for this course.

Note: It may be possible to do a day of private training to get you to speed the day before the course starts if you don’t have the prerequisites for this course.


Rock Climbing Course Location

Climbing at Mt Somers
Mt Somers Climbing


Days 1 & 2  – Port Hills, Christchurch

Days 3-5 – Pinnicales Hut area, Mt Somers

This course starts and finishes in Christchurch. Accommodation at Pinnacles Hut and return transport from Christchurch is provided.

Pinnacles Hut climbing area is one of New Zealand’s best trad & multi-pitch rock climbing areas. The area features incredible climbing on hexagonal rhyolite columns and freestanding pinnacles. Grades range from NZ grade 12 to NZ grade 25

Full route guide available @ ClimbNZ  


Getting to Pinnacles Hut


Mt Somers is approximately 1.5 hrs from Christchurch. It takes most groups 3-3.5 hrs to walk into Pinnacles Hut from the Sharplin Falls car park. As this is a remote location, you will need to carry all your gear and some climbing gear into the hut. Once we are established at the hut is just a short walk to climbing crags.




Trad climbing new zealand by Pinnacles Hut, Mt Somers
Pinnacles Hut, Mt Somers


Christchurch – Please book your own accommodation in Christchurch for the first and second night.

Mt Somers – Pinnicale Hut – Included

Pinnacles hut is a standard DOC backcountry hut with 17 bunks and a fireplace.

Note: There may be other users staying at the hut during your course.




This course is self-catered, please pack your food for the duration of the course. Fresh drinking water is available at the hut. A full packing list is available to download at the bottom of this page.



Oenz-Outdoor Education New Zealand
OENZ car

Return transport from Christchurch is included with this course.

If you’re staying in a hotel

Free transport is available from any Christchurch accommodation if you’re travelling from out of town to attend one of our courses.

Meeting locations

If you live in Christchurch or have your own transport, please meet us at one of the following locations.







We recommend that you arrive in Christchurch the day before your course. We have a few hotel & hostel suggestions on our FAQ’s page. Please avoid booking accommodation north or east of the city centre.  At the end of the course, we are more than happy to drop you back at your accommodation or directly to the airport.  The earliest time we can have you back at the airport is 6 pm.







We have all the specialist gear & equipment available for you to borrow. If you have your own gear, we encourage you to bring it along as it’s better to train with the gear that you will end up climbing on.  A full gear list is available to download at the bottom of this page.



Rock climbing in New Zealand
Multi-pitch climbing in New Zealand


We believe that small groups are better for this type of training. So we have a maximum client to instructor ratio of just four clients to one instructor. If there are six clients, you will have one guide and one assistant guide, eight clients, which means there will be two guides, and you’ll operate in two smaller groups.









Learning to climb in christchurch
Climbing at Mt Somers, NZ



Yes, the minimum number for the course to proceed at the advertised price is two clients. We won’t cancel your course if we don’t meet the minimum numbers though. Instead, we will offer you the following options:

a.) A shorter private course with 1:1 tuition

(with one person we can cover the course content much faster, so far fewer days are needed.)

b.) You will be offered to continue with the course at the planned duration and cover the extra cost.

c.) We can transfer your booking to another date.




This trad climbing course includes




trad climbing course with oenz
Climbing at the Fortress, Mt Somers
  • NZ rock climbing grading system
  • Interpreting NZ climbing guide books
  • Knots for trad climbing
  • Racking and selecting gear




  • Climbing calls
  • Buddy checks
  • checking gear & equipment for damage
  • Assessing the safety of climbing routes
  • Vector pulls
  • Fall factors




  • Trad belaying
    • Stance
    • positioning
  • Multi-pitch belaying
      • Redirecting an ATC
      • Belay plate in guide mode
  • Belaying with two ropes (half or twin ropes)


Trad gear placement


Rock climbing New Zealand
Multi-pitch trad climbing
  • Using natural protection
    • Trees
    • Boulders
    • Threads
    • Horns
  • Placed protection
    • Nuts
    • Cams /SLCD’S
    • Hexes
  • Placing the first piece/directional piece


Anchor systems


  • Natural and placed protection anchors
  • Linking systems
    • Slings
    • Cordlette
  • Y-shape anchors
  • W-shape anchors
  • Single point anchors
  • Multi-directional anchors


Climbing Skills


Learn to rock climb at Mt Somers
Multi-pitch rock climbing
  • Lots of time spent climbing!
  • Efficient movement techniques
  • Footwork


Advanced rope and rescue skills


  • Tying off a belay device
  • Prussic up a rope (self-rescue)
  • Escaping the system
  • Lowering an injured climber
  • Haul  Systems
    • Drop loop/2:1 assisted rescue
    • Z-drag/ 5:1 unassisted rescue
  • Multi-pitch abseil descent with an injured climber






Gear List
Course Outline







“The locations where just incredable and the instructor was so helpfull and knollagable” Zoe lee – Australia

“I never thought that I could gain so much knollage in such a short amount of time” John Allen – Canterbury NZ

“This course has opened up a whole new world of climbing for me! just amazing” Mark Railly – Auckland




PHONE: +64 3 329 9076                                EMAIL: [email protected]

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