Avalanche Awareness Refresher Course August 4, 2019

“Winter Special”

The avalanche awareness refresher course provides an essential recap to introductory information for backcountry users. Those who need the basic knowledge required to help them make decisions about their personal safety when in avalanche terrain.

The refresher course provides a recap on transceiver searching, rescue digging and being the first responder in an avalanche situation.

We recommend that you revisit the Online Avalanche Theory Course and QUIZ which is a prerequisite for attendance at the 2-day avalanche awareness course.


Description: The course is aimed at those who have completed an avalanche awareness training course in the last 5 years and looking to refresh their skills and knowledge.




Instructor qualifications: Registered Avalanche Awareness Instructor.


Terrain: The course is to be taught on non-technical terrain (rope protection not required for safety) at any time of year above the bushline, but does not include any glaciated slopes. Factors to be considered include slope angle (< 30 degrees) and avalanche danger. This includes exposure from above as well as on the specific terrain feature.

Field Based Course Highlights

  • The avalanche phenomenon
  • Issues related to decision making
  • Terrain factors
  • Practical techniques for companion rescue


not included


We recommend: If you have not attended an avalanche training course or refresher in the last five years (and you're heading back country this season), you should complete a full course. 

*Minimum 4 people needed to run a course

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