1 Day Alpine Skills Course September 14, 2019

One day introduction to alpine skills course.

alpine course
Alpine skills course. Allans basion, Craigieburn Range, New Zealand

This is an introductory training course that focuses on personal movement skills and safety in alpine environments. This is  a popular course for those who have limited experience in the alpine environment or people who wish to embark on winter tramping where an ice axe and crampons may be required




This course is delivered in the Craigieburn Range, near Castle Hill Village. We meet at 8:30 am in Castle Hill village (see map).  We use Broken River or Mt Cheeseman ski fields to access the snow. Participants are encouraged to carpool from Christchurch, Springfield or Castle Hill Village.

The course finishes up at 4 pm at the car park at Mt Cheeseman or Broken River Ski fields.



Lots of people travel to attend our courses and we like to make it easy. Transport could be tricky to organise if your flying or coming from out of town. Talk to one of our friendly team about our pick-up/drop off service.





Alpine Course
Fitting Crampons – Alpine Skills Course


  • Selecting clothing for alpine recreation.

Ice axe techniques

  • Holding and using an ice axe
  • Step cutting
  • Self-arresting using with and with an ice axe

Using crampons

  • Selecting & fitting crampons
  • Front pointing
  • Flat foot technique
  • Mixed technique
  • downclimbing

Movement skills (footwork)

  • Edging
  • Pidgin holing
  • Plunging
alpine course
Alpine course

Emergency shelters

  • Emergency snow holing
  • portable shelters

Self Arresting

  • Self-belay/plunge technique
  • stopping a slide (self-arresting)








“Really really fun course that was perfect the getting beginners skills I was wanting to learn.” – Cloe Vining, Australia.

“Awesome, skilled and friendly instructors. Thanks for a great time” – Rachel Sears, Christchurch.

“Alan [the instructor] was really clear, friendly and generous with sharing personal experiences. I really didn’t know how much i didn’t know. Thank you so much” – Brett Jones, Auckland.

“what A great way to learn new skills. Loved having the chance to actually try everything, wish we had the chance to stay on for the two day course. -Alexandra and Peter Smith, Palmerston North.



Field Based Course Highlights


  • non required
*Minimum 4 people needed to run a course

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