4-day consolidation rock climbing trip February 11, 2023

This is a 4-day rock climbing consolidation trip


4-day  rock climbing  trip overview

On this 4-day rock climbing consolidation trip you will have the opportunity to revisit the skills taught on your 5-day rock climbing course, by doing this trip you will be given the safety net formed by your highly experienced instructor to refine your multi-pitch rock climbing skills in one of New Zealand’s premier rock climbing destinations.

The trip’s aim is for you to gain more experience and confidence to tackle similar trips in your own time.

Time will be given to revisit any course content and skills learnt on your skills course, whether it be rescue skills or multi-pitch systems.




Our 2-day rock climbing course or equivalent is recommended for this consolidation trip.


Consolidation rock climbing  trip location


The 4-day climbing course is a lodge-based course. If the weather is good on the divide then this course will be based from Mt Cook National Park at Sebastopol Bluffs. We have the backup of using the Banks Peninsulaor Mt Somers on a bad weather forecast.



Unwin Lodge New Zealand Alpine Club hut
NZAC Unwin Lodge

Your accommodation at New Zealand Alpine Club Unwin lodge is included or, you can choose to tent if prefer camping.

If we are in Banks Peninsula or Mt Somers then local accommodation in Lyttelton or Akaroa will be provided for you.



Accommodation before & after your course

Your accommodation before & after the course is not included, please book your own accommodation in Christchurch. We have some suggested accommodation options in Christchurch on our FAQ page. Please book in the central city or south side of town.



This is a self-catered course. Please bring all your food with you for the duration of the course.  A full packing list is available to download at the bottom of this page.




Learning to climb with OENZ- Outdoor Education New Zealand
OENZ 4×4

Transport is included from Christchurch

Free transport is available from any Christchurch accommodation if you’re traveling from out of town. Please book a central city or south Christchurch accommodation.


Meeting locations

If you have your own car or can get dropped off, please meet us at one of the following locations (you can catch a ride with us from here or drive your own car to Mt Cook):



OENZ-Outdoor Education New Zealand 12 Seat Van



We recommend that you arrive in Christchurch the day before your course. We have a few hotel & hostel suggestions on our FAQ page. Please avoid booking accommodation north or east of the city center.  At the end of the course, we are more than happy to drop you back at your accommodation or directly to the airport.  The earliest time we can have you back at the airport is 5 pm.






You don’t need your own rock climbing gear for this course. We have all the specialist gear & equipment available for you to borrow. If you have your own gear, we encourage you to bring it along as it’s better to train with the gear that you own.  A full gear list is available to download at the bottom of this page.




 How many people will be on my course?

Mt Cook rock climbing
group climbing on Sebastopol Bluffs


We believe that small groups are better for this type of training. So we have a maximum client to instructor ratio of just four clients to one instructor.









Yes, the minimum number for the course to proceed at the advertised price is two clients. We won’t cancel your course if we don’t meet our minimum numbers, though. Instead, we will offer you the following options:

a.) A shorter private course with 1-1 tuition – e.g. with one person we can cover the course content much faster, so fewer days are needed.

b.) You will be offered to continue with the course as planned and cover the extra cost.

c.) We can transfer you to another course.


This consolidation rock climbing trip includes


Revisiting Safety

multi-pitch climbing


  • Climbing Calls
  • Buddy checks
  • Personal safety at the top of the crag
  • Spotting the lead climber
  • Assessing the safety of climbing routes
  • Checking and assessing climbing gear for damage




  • Top rope  Climbing
  • Lead climbing/Sport climbing
  • Multi-pitch sport climbing
  • Multi-pitch abseiling



Revisiting Climbing techniques

Learn to rock climb with oenz
Transition to abseil
  • Basic movement techniques/body positioning
  • Footwork techniques
  • Handhold techniques
  • Finding rests




Revisiting Climbing Anchors

  • Sport-anchor (using quickdraws)
  • Toprope anchor/y-shape anchor (using sling and carabiners)
  • Self equalizing anchors



Revisiting Transitions

Rope rescue skills at Woolshed Creek Hut
  • Lead climbing to set up a top-rope climb for a friend
  • Cleaning a climb/retrieving your gear from the top when you finish climbing
  • Top rope climbing to abseil.
  • Lead climbing to abseil.



Optional Rope & Rescue skills

  • Climbing knots
  • Tying off a belay device
  • Releasing & lowering when using a belay plate in guide/multi-pitch mode





*Note. This is not an instructional course, however if there are any of the above skills that you feel you need clarification on then we will spend time going over that content. Most of the above skills will naturally be covered by climbing multi-pitch routes, bar rescues and top rope climbing. We simply won’t have enough time to cover all the above content in detail.




Course outline
Packing list



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