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Weather Interpretation Talk



Weather interpretation evening talk

Every year we like to deliver talks on various topics that impact us in the outdoors. Something we come across with our course participants is the confusion around understanding weather and what is important …

Weather Course


Weather Course Overview

Interpreting weather can be a minefield to navigate through and is one of our most significant hazards in the outdoors. This course is designed to give you a better understanding of weather from a global, national …

4 day Alpine & Avalanche course

This is a 4 -Day introductory alpine skills & avalanche course.

***This is our most popular beginner alpine skills course.  Prior experience is not necessary and we have all the gear and equipment available for you to use.***


The …

Private 4 day Course (K McCashin Group)

This is a 4 -Day introductory alpine skills & avalanche course.



This is a private course for members of the McCashin Group only.




Accommodation (included)


This course is based out of …

4-Day Backcountry Avalanche Training

Four-day backcountry avalanche course.

Our comprehensive  4-day backcountry avalanche course for all of our snow enthusiasts, that builds on our very popular 2-day introductory avalanche awareness course. It’s time to get your head into the snow and figure out what’s …

2-day Avalanche Awareness Course ***Family Friendly***

Family-friendly courses are open to anyone, including youths. The minimum age for youths attending a family-friendly course is 12 years old. All youths under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or