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The Game Animal Council is a statutory organisation that provides expert advice to the Ministers of Conservation and Hunting & Fishing on hunting and the management of game animals (deer, tahr, chamois and wild pigs). It is a source of information and education to the hunting sector and promotes hunter safety and hunter-led conservation while seeking to improve recreational and commercial hunting opportunities.




Better Hunting provides free online training on the fundamentals of hunting and hunter safety in New Zealand. It has been developed by the New Zealand Game Animal Council to enhance and support practical training such as the courses here at OENZ https://www.betterhunting.nz




Sparrowhawk New Zealand Ltd was formed in 2005 to facilitate the provision of practical small arms competition, recreation, and training. The SparrowhawkNZ course curriculum covers entry-level and novice to advanced firearm safety skills in rifle, handgun, shotgun, and precision rifle for competition, agriculture, workplace safety, pest control, or sporting applications.



If you’re looking for gear, we recommend Further Faster for all the gear and equipment for your next outdoor adventure.


Further Faster



Address: 57a Buchan St, Sydenham, Christchurch, New Zealand 8023.

Phone: +64 (03) 338 1774


Camp & function venues


Glentui Meadows – Group Accommodation & Function Venue



Phone: +64 (03) 312 1165

Email: [email protected]

Address: 140 Glentui Bush Rd, Glentui 7495, New Zealand