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Section 1: General Information

1.) All course information will be sent out prior to the date of the course running, this includes: meeting location, time, and duration of the course, expected weather and instructor information.

2.) All costs for hiring equipment will be sent out with course information for the customer to review, bookings in advance are necessary.

3.) No hire fees will be charged unless associated with Section 2.2 or the customer requests and agrees to the hire during the course.

4.) OENZ can provide certificate of attendance for any courses, on request.

5.) Personal information is collected on booking and at the start of the course. This information is kept secure and only made available to the instructor running the course and the office administrator coordinating the course and any emergency personnel should it be needed.


Section 2: Gear & Equipment

1.) Customers can use their own equipment, however this is subject to the instructor viewing and deeming the equipment safe to use, based on visual inspection and questioning.

2.) Any equipment the instructor deems unfit for purpose, based on age, wear and tear or

suitability for its designed purpose the instructor will not allow the customer to use. In this

situation alternative equipment will be available for the customer to use, but may result in a hire fee being charged as per our standard hire rates.

3.) OENZ will supply necessary equipment for the course to run, and all group safety equipment unless otherwise advised.

4.) OENZ will provide information on hire equipment and associated fees in advance to


5.) OENZ will provide all Customers with a full gear list for the course they have booked on.

6.) The Customer must provide a minimum 24 hours’ notice in wighting of wanting to hire equipment.

Please note: Most of the “hire equipment” is sourced from local high schools which helps support their outdoor education programmes, there is no negotiation on the hire fee.



Section 3: Payment & Fees

1.) Full payment is required prior to the course running and can be made by either internet

banking, invoice or PayPal.

2.) Where full payment has not been received the customer will not be eligible to attend the

course, unless a payment plan has been made with the office in advance.

administration fee.

3.) OENZ will notify the customer via email once payment has been received.

4.) The Participants place on the course is not secure until full payment has been received.

5.) OENZ will Invoice the customer for the full amount of the course if payment is not received within three days. Invoice terms are stated on the invoice.

6.) Invoices can be made out to businesses or organizations upon request.

7.) Advertised course cost includes GST.


Section 4: Additional fees

1.) Entry fees may apply specifically to the rock climbing course, where there is the option to move indoors based on a wet weather forecast. This is the responsibility of the customer

and not included in the course costs.


Section 4: Refunds

1.) All Refunds will be made at the discretion of the Outdoor Education New Zealand Ltd.

2.) A full refund of the course cost will be provided where: OENZ is unable to deliver the course due to staff availability, safety equipment is unavailable and necessary for delivering the course or the weather conditions has resulted in a cancellation of the course.

3.) Refunds will not be provided within 48 hours of a customer cancelling their course.

4.) Refunds will not be provided for clients who withdraw from a course after the commencement of that course: lack of fitness or ability, weather or injury.

5.) The following refunds apply with the outlined notice:

a.)  A full refund will be provided where the customer has cancelled their booking in writing more than 14 days’ prior to the scheduled course date.

b.)A 50 % refund will be provided where a customer has cancelled their booking in writing more than 2 days’ before the scheduled course date.

6.) Refunds will not be provided for associated travel costs, the customer incurs to attend the course. We recommend the customer carries insurance for any courses over 2 days or when travelling from outside of Canterbury or NZ.

7.) Customers are able to transfer their booking to a friend or family member without incurring additional costs, should they be unable to attend their course.


Section 5: Cancellations & Postponements.

1.) Courses may be cancelled prior to running due to the following reasons: Inadequate

numbers, weather, environmental conditions i.e. snow too thin/unstable, staff



2.) Where OENZ determines a postponement or cancellation is necessary, the office will aim to provide as much notice as possible. Please note: Weather cancellations may be made the night before, but we will maintain close communication with our customers should we

suspect this could cause a postponement.

3.) Where a course is postponed OENZ office will provide the customer with dates to transfer their course booking.

4.) Where future dates do not suit the customer an alternative option will be offered – such as transferring to a course of the same value or a part or full refund.

5.) Courses can be cancelled or postponed during the course for the following reasons:

a.) Customer/staff safety is at risk due to environmental conditions i.e. weather, snow

b.) Customer/s on the course are posing a physical or emotional risk to themselves or

other customers

c.) Staff/customer falls sick during the course and requires evacuation

d.) Staff/customer sustaining an injury on the course and requiring medical


e.) Customers under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the field based


F.) Where necessary safety equipment has been tampered with or become faulty