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Here at OENZ, we deliver a comprehensive range of bush craft, navigation and survival courses.

2 Day Bush Craft & Navigation Course

bush craft and navigation course
2-day bushcraft & navigation course.

Our 2-day bushcraft & navigation course looks at trip planning, NZ weather, packing and gear requirements for extended trips, and navigation using topographic maps.


3 Day Navigation, Bush Craft & River Crossing  Course

Bush craft, river crossing and navigation training courses
3-day Bush craft & river crossing course

Our 3-day navigation, bushcraft and river crossing course include everything in our 2-day course plus, a full day of river crossing training. This 3-day course includes all the fundamental skills you need to safely go multi-day tramping in New Zealand.

5-Day Advanced Navigation & Survival


Navigation & survival courses New Zealand
5-Day advanced navigation course

Our 5-day advanced navigation and survival course includes a comprehensive range of skills. It covers all aspects of advanced tramping skills and includes in-depth weather education.

6-Day Advanced Navigation, Survival & River Crossing

bushcraft and river crossing, advanced navigation skills
Advanced navigation, survival & river crossing course.

Our 6-day advanced navigation, survival & river crossing course is the best way to build on your basic tramping skills. This course includes river crossing as well as advanced map & compass navigation techniques.

7-Day Bush Craft Course


Bush Craft Training courses, navigtaion, survival, river crossing, weather
Our 7-day bushcraft course

Our 7-day bushcraft course is the most comprehensive and detailed course available to hikers and trampers in New Zealand. On this course, we cover navigation, bushcraft, survival, weather and walking techniques. This is a must-do course for anyone looking to build a solid foundation of outdoor skills in New Zealand.

Private Training

Man on Mountain doing Bushcraft course
Private bushcraft training.

Customised private or small group bushcraft and navigation training.


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