Private Bush Training

Private bush training tailored to individuals and small groups.

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Private bush &; navigation training


Private bush training is key to building the next step in your navigation skills. Flexibility in content, duration and budget allow us to design a tailored programme that’s just right for you/your team. We specialize in taking people to the next level in technical skill and knowledge. This allows you to go confidently into varied terrain, make decisions and travel safely while challenging yourself on new or harder routes without the need for a guide.

Sometimes the hardest part of deciding what training you need is identifying what you don’t know. If you’re not sure what you want or need from private training, have a chat with us in the office. We can help design a programme based on your current tramping experience. The result will be a better understanding of your skills and knowledge and building on it from there.


Private bush training locations

Private Bush training
Craigieburn Forest Park

The courses are primarily delivered in the Craigieburn Ranges, but we have the ability to deliver this in Lewis Pass, Arthurs Pass and Nelson Lakes.

Please note: Day 1 of the course includes travelling to the course location, and the final day includes the return trip to Christchurch. This will mean the first and last day will be shorter field days.






Travelling FROM OUT OF TOWN?

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OENZ 4×4

Lots of people travel to attend our private training courses, and we like to make it easy. Transport could be tricky to organize if your flying or coming from out of town. Talk to one of our friendly team about our pick-up/drop off service.








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*Price: Starting from $599 per day

*Indicative price for up to two people including transport from Christchurch & equipment*


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People who would benefit from private training:


  • Intermediate trampers/hikers looking to upskill in navigation and walking in steep terrain such as scree slopes, offtrack spurs and ridges, steep slopes.
  • Trampers/hikers new to New Zealand tracks and routes
  • People training for a specific tramping route – such as trans-alpine tramps
  • Trampers/hikers training for new terrain, i.e. scree travel, ridge travel, steep exposed terrain, subalpine terrain.
  • Ggroups looking to upskill together
  • People looking for specific dates outside of the course calendar
  • Training for certain conditions, i.e. white-out, injury or illness
  • Training for specific skills, i.e. handlines in the steep bush, river crossings and rescues
  • Clubs and groups looking to upskill trip leaders


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