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2-day Rock Climbing Course

Introductory rock climbing course
2-day Introductory rock climbing course

A 2-day outdoor rock climbing course based in Christchurch. You will learn all the skills you need to get out and have a go at rock climbing & abseiling.

5-Day Rock Climbing Course

Multi pitch sport rock climbing course
5-day Mt Somers rock climbing course.

A 5-day expedition-style rock climbing course based out of Woolshed Hut, Mt Somers. This course includes lead climbing,  multi-pitch sport climbing, basic rope rescue skills & transitions to abseil. Accommodation & Return transport to Christchurch is included.

7-Day Rock Climbing Course

Rock climbing in christchurch
7-day rock climbing course

A comprehensive 7-day rock climbing course. This course combines our 2-day introductory course with our very popular 5-day Mt Somers expedition-style multi-pitch sport climbing course. Prior experience is not required; you’ll learn everything along the way.

2-day Trad Climbing  Course

Christchurch trad climbing course
2-day Trad climbing course -Christchurch

A 2-day trad climbing course delivered in Christchurch. This course is suitable for those interested in learning how to use natural and placed protection (also referred to as trad gear).

5-Day  Trad Climbing Course

Multi pitch trad rock climbing course
5-day Trad climbing course- Mt Somers

Take your climbing to the next level with our 5-day multi-pitch trad rock climbing course. This course is based from Pinnacles Hut,  Mt Somers (one of NZ’s best climbing destinations). Accommodation & return transport from Christchurch included.

7-Day Trad Climbing Course

Custom training course
7-day trad climbing course

Our 7 -day trad climbing course combines our 2-day intro to trad & our 5-day expedition-style multi-pitch trad climbing course.  Prior trad climbing experience is unnecessary; you’ll learn everything you need to climb large rock faces &  alpine rock routes.


Rock & Ropes Rescue course

Rock and ropes rescue course
Rock and ropes rescue course

Do you know what to do if something goes wrong at the crag? This 2-day rope skills course covers a range of rope skills and rescue techniques that every climber should know.

Summer Alpine Climbing 

Alpine climbing course
Summer Alpine Training

Our alpine rock climbing and scrambling courses will teach you all the skills you need to get into the mountains this summer. Learn how to use a rope to increases your safety and improve your efficiency in the mountains.

Private Rock Climbing Training & Guided Ascents

rock climbing guides
Private rock climbing training & guided ascents.

Personalised rock climbing training and guided ascents delivered by our highly qualified & experienced rock climbing guides. We are happy to cater to individuals or groups with specific goals or timeframes in mind.

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