School Camp Activities

School camp activities with OENZ


We have a range of exciting activities that will bring your programme alive!

School camp activities
Students at Glentui Meadows camp completing a team-building activity called “toxic swamp”

Our school camp activities foster the development of communication as well as leadership training. We can adapt and meet the outcomes for any age group or programme.

We have developed exciting home-based activities, as well as a range of exciting off-site activities.


School-based activities

Knot Board

School camp activities
Team challenge activity at a school camp

Build and decorate your own knot board

OENZ Team Challenge

A range of “ABL” (Adventure-Based Learning) activities designed to be fun while fostering teamwork, cooperation and communication.

Top Rope Tree climbing

Tree climbing with ropes and harnesses


School camp activities

school camp activities
Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing/Abseiling


Indoors or outdoors, catering for all abilities. OENZ will provide all equipment as well as qualified instructors.

Top Rope Tree climbing

Get back to nature, tree climbing with ropes and harnesses!


Purpose designed courses to meet any groups needs.  Choose your own theme and we design it to suit the age and outcomes.





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