Risk Disclosure

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It is neither desirable nor feasible to remove all risk from activities.  Risk can be managed to acceptable levels.  People will not be exposed to a level of real risk higher than that found in everyday life.  To achieve this goal we operate with current codes of practice, professional employees, and quality systems.

Below are some of the hazards that could be encountered:

  • Rockfall
  • Fall from height
  • Steep ground (rock, abseiling, alpine & bush)
  • Avalanche
  • Exposure to weather causing hypo/hyperthermia
  • Drowning (river crossing & sea kayak)
  • Wasps (bush craft)
  • Open road travel (access to all courses)
  • Swell & surf injuries from landing on beaches/pushed onto obstacles in water
  • Collision with other boats/water vessels (sea kayak)