4 Day Sea kayak Course October 14, 2023

This is a 4-day sea kayaking course.

people in a double kayak on a kayaking course in Lyttleton Harbour
4-day Sea kayaking course



This four-day sea kayaking course includes a two-day introductory course and two days extending those skills. The focus of this course is gaining confidence and control of your boat in various conditions. You will also learn advanced paddle strokes and rescues.


This is a popular course for those with limited sea kayaking experience and who would like to get some professional guidance or no experience and would like to give it a go.


Prerequisites skills


You will learn everything you need in this course. There are no prerequisite skills or experience required before attending this course.



Kayaking in Lyttleton Harbour
Kayaking in Lyttleton Harbour


The course is based out of Lyttelton Harbour (20mins from Christchurch City Centre).

Day 1:

We will meet at Charteris Bay, Lyttleton Harbour, at 9:00 am

Day 2:

Lyttelton harbour based, location determined by weather and group

Day 3: 

location determined by weather and group – possible camp out on Quail Island, Lyttleton Harbour.

Day 4:

Lyttelton harbour based, location determined by weather and group

Please note: If it is too windy to be on the harbour, we may use Lake Rua as a backup option.




Christchurch City


Accommodation is not included for the first two nights of the course. We recommend staying in Lyttelton, Governors Bay or Christchurch City for the first two nights. On the 3rd/last night of the course, we will stay in the DOC Hut or DOC camping ground on Quail Island in Lyttleton Harbour.

1st Night – Not included (book your own accommodation)

2nd Night – Not included (book your own accommodation)

3rd Night – Included (Basic DOC hut or Tent on Quail Island






Kayak with map and split paddle
Kayak with safety gear


All you will need for this course is your personal paddling clothing. We will supply the sea kayak and all the necessary equipment if you don’t have your own.  You can find a packing list and a course outline at the bottom of this page.





Food is not provided on this course. However, we recommend packing plenty of snacks and lunches that do not require cooking.




OENZ Sea kayak trailer


If you’re staying in a hotel

Free transport is available from any Christchurch accommodation if you’re travelling from out of town to attend one of our courses.


Meeting locations (catch a ride with us)

If you have your own car and want a lift, we can meet you at one of the following locations.

Princess Margaret Hospital Car Park (8:25 am)

Governors Bay Hotel (8:45 am)


*Our preferred meeting location is Governors Bay Hotel.

van used for sea kayaking courses in Christchurch



We recommend that you arrive in Christchurch the day before your course. We have a few hotel & hostel suggestions on our FAQ’s page. Please avoid booking accommodation north or east of the city centre.  We are more than happy to drop you back at your accommodation or directly at the airport at the end of the course.  The earliest time we can have you back at the airport is 6 pm.








Day 1: Skills, Equipment & Rescues

Kayaking Skills

  • Paddle techniques
  • Power and touring strokes
  • instructor working with lady on a sea kayaking course
    Practising low brace paddle strokes

    Kayak control/manoeuvring

  • Low Brace

Sea Kayak Equipment

  • Fitting out your boat
  • Overview of sea kayak equipment
  • Care and maintenance
  • Transporting and storing kayaks/gear


Day two: Rescues

  • Paddle float rescues
  • Scramble self-rescue
  • Supporting a rescue
  • Emergency communications and equipment

    kayaking under a wharf on a Kayak course
    Kayaking control training


Day three: Advanced Paddle Strokes and Boat Control

Kayaking Skills

  • Paddle techniques/skills: Stern rudder, draw strokes, low brace turns
  • Paddling in current: Ferry Gliding, entering and exiting eddies
  • Control/Maneuvering: Railing, edging, paddling around rocks


  • Self-rescue in moving water


Day four: Consolidation Paddle 

The group will choose (with their instructor) a location to paddle to fitting to weather, sea state and group ability.





Sea Kayaking Course Downloads



Course Outline
Gear List








Field Based Course Highlights

*Minimum 3 people needed to run a course

Contact us at
+64 3 329 9076

Other Course Dates

  • 18 Feb 23
  • 02 Dec 23
  • 10 Feb 24
  • 06 Apr 24
  • 05 Oct 24
  • 30 Nov 24

Course Timing

9:00am to 4:00pm