CTC Snow 2- Pitching & Ridge Travel Course September 4, 2021



Christchurch Tramping Club Snow-2

(Pitching & Ridge Travel Course)


*** This course is a custom course for current members of the Christchurch Tramping Club ***



You need to have attended either CTC Snow Craft 1 or an OENZ 2-Day Alpine skills course & an avalanche awareness course.

If you believe you have the necessary skills but have not completed either of the above courses, please contact us before booking.


Postponement date


The postponement date for all three CTC custom courses is 11-12 September 2021. If you’re booking this course please ensure you are available to attend the course on the scheduled date as well as the postponement date.

Please note – Refunds will not be given if you are unable to attend the postponement date unless approved by OENZ before booking.




This course is delivered in the Craigieburn Range, close to Castle Hill village. The course starts in Darfield (30 mins from Christchurch) at 7:30 am. Return transport is available from Christchurch.

The practical components of the course are delivered in the Craigieburn Range. We access the snow via Broken River or Mt Cheeseman ski field and drive to our lodge in  Arthurs Pass Village at the end of the day. The group and your instructor will decide the exact location for the second day during the trip planning session depending on local weather and snow conditions.

The course finishes at approximately 4 pm in Arthurs Pass or Castle Hill village.




Friday evening – In the CTC hut in Arthurs Pass.

Saturday evening – Temple Basin Lodge (included in course fees)

Please note: CTC hut fees are not included in the course cost and are to be paid to CTC separately.





Avalanche awareness gear
Avalanche gear


All you will need for this course is waterproof boots and normal outdoor clothing. We will supply all the mountaineering and avalanche equipment for you if you don’t have your own.  You can find a packing list and course outline at the bottom of this page.






Dinner – Not provided


Breakfast – not provided

Lunch- Not provided

Snicks – Not provided

Dinner & dessert – Provided by Temple Basin Lodge


Breakfast – Provided by Temple Basin Lodge

Lunch- Not provided

Snacks- Not provided




Meet your instructor/s at the CTC Lodge on Friday evening at 8 pm.




This pitching & ridge travel course Includes


Ridge travel

Recap Footwork skills

  • Edging
  •  Pigeonholing
  • Plunge


cutting steeps (ice axe)

  • Cutting resting platforms
  • Recap Crampon techniques
    • Flat footing
    • Front pointing
    • Mixed techniques


Climbing with two axes

Descending a couloir
  • North Wall technique
  • Dagger technique
  • Piolet traction technique


Introduction Snow anchors

  • Top clip
  • Mid clip
  • T-Slot
  • Snow pig
  •  Snow bollards


Pitching (climbing roped-up)

  • Alpine knots
  • Belaying
  • placing runners


Snow anchor testing

Ridge travel 

  • Roping up for ridge travle
  • Bady belaying
  • Direct belaying




Min & Max numbers

4 person min & 8 people maximum.



Course outline
Packing list


*Minimum 4 people needed to run a course

Course booking form

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Participant details

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Course cost

Course Cost: $ NZD

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Course Timing

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