Weather Course June 4, 2024


This is a 4-part weather course, delivered online.

New Zealand weather course
New Zealand weather course


Weather is one of our most significant hazards in the outdoors. Finding and interpreting the right information to match what you are doing recreationally & professionally can be made easy once you know what you are looking for. This course is for you to discover more about the phenomenon of weather and give useful tools and techniques to apply when you are in the field.

Come in with a wealth of knowledge or completely new to the weather. Our weather course is interactive, practical, and perfect for anyone who recreates or works in a space where the weather has a big impact.


PRICE: $199*


The dates for the June 2024 course will be:

Part 1: 04 June

Part 2: 11 June

Part 3: 18 June

Part 4: 25 June.



learning about weather in new zealand
Inversion layer of cloud

Public Course: This course is broken into 4 parts. Each part is delivered online via Zoom running from 7 pm – 9 pm on a Tuesday night. The course will run over 4 weeks from the scheduled start date.

Workplace: We can deliver this training over 1-day in-house or your team can join in on the Public Course.



This course is scheduled to run twice each year in June and November

Check the course calendar for the next occurrence.

Private training and custom weather training courses can be organized at any time of year on request.




What gear will I need? Just a notebook and pen.

We will have resources and an electronic handbook that covers all of the information in the course.

A hard copy of the handbook costs $20.00 and is available on request



This course is hosted online via Zoom so anyone can join. Delivered live you can ask your questions in real-time, and your instructor is able to discuss questions and content with you straight away. You can also watch the lesson at a later time as we record all the sessions for you to take away.


Weather training course
Attending online via recorded Zoom meeting




Weather training course
Cloud formation as seen from an airplane

Global Weather

  • Where it all starts
  • Cells and trade winds
  • Coriolis effect
  • Air pressure measurements
  • El Nino / La Nina


Weather dynamics

  • Wind
  • Anabatic/katabatic winds
  • Temperature
  • Free Air Freezing Level
  • Temperature Inversions
  • Air
  • Humidity
  • Precipitation
  • Cloud Coverage


New Zealand weather training course
Mid-layer clouds building

Ways of Lifting Air

  • Convection
  • Orographic
  • Frontal lifting
  • Convergent lifting


Synoptic Charts and Forecasting

  • Reading  synoptic charts
  • Using metadata charts
  • Collating data from various models and interpreting the information
  • Reliability vs variability
  • Understanding Weather systems
    • High pressure (local influences)
    • Low Pressure (local Influences)



Reading a sysnoptic chart
Synoptic weather chart
  • Frontal systems
    • Cold front
    • Warm fronts
    • Occluded fronts
    • Stationary fronts
    • Troughs
    • Ridges
  • Timeframes for weather travel




Weather in New Zealand

  • New Zealand Climate
  • Forecasting sites
  • Forecasting models
  • What does it all mean?


Field weather observations

Field observations – “Nowcast vs Forecast” 

  • Cloud identification
  • Finding wind direction
  • Predicting wind speed
  • Understanding air temperature and FAFL (free air freezing level)
  • Predicting field changes



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