2 day Avalanche Awareness Course

Avalanche Awareness Course
Avalanche Awareness Course

This is a 2-day introductory avalanche awareness course that focuses on identifying avalanche terrain and understanding what causes avalanches. Understanding the NZ Backcountry Avalanche Advisory is a vital skill that you will learn on this course. This is a practical field-based course with some theory to increase your understanding. This course is approved by (MSC)  Mountain Safety Council.  You will gain an MSC certificate in Avalanche Awareness upon completion of this course.


Where will this course be delivered?

We meet at the Darfield Bakery in Darfield on Saturday morning (30 mins from Christchurch).  The avalanche awareness course has two parts.  Two days of practical training & an afternoon/evening theory session.  The practical training is delivered in the Craigieburn range near Castle Hill Village, and the theory component is delivered at the lodge in Arthurs Pass Village.



Lots of people travel to attend our avalanche courses and we like to make it easy. If you flying in we suggest staying in Christchurch the night before the course. We offer a free pick-up & drop off service from all city center accommodations, we’ll even drop you back to the airport after the course.


What facilities are available at the accommodation?

The lodge in Arthurs Pass Village has a full kitchen, shared bunk rooms, heaters, and hot showers.

Most people choose to go out to the Wobbly Kea cafe & pub for dinner in Arthurs Pass Village but you might choose to cook your own meal at the lodge. The shops and cafe will all be closed by the time we get there so it’s a good idea to bring all your other meals & snacks with you.


Can I hire gear if I don’t have my own?

You’re welcome to bring your own gear or borrow from a friend.

If you don’t have the gear you need for this course no problem, we have everything you need available to hire. We usually sort gear rental a little closer to the course.



Alpine courses run from June to November.  visit our Course Calendar for scheduled course dates. Custom courses can be created on alternative dates by request.




PRICE: $399.00*




Avalanche awareness course includes


Avalanche Course
Rescue digging
  • Introduction to the NZ Backcountry Avalanche Advisory
  • Mountain Weather in NZ
  • Using an avalanche transceiver
  • Probing  techniques
  • Snow Shoveling technique
  • Small party rescue scenarios
  • Identifying avalanche terrain
  • Identifying terrain traps
  • Introduction to safe travel techniques






“Gideon [the instructor] was passionate about the information he was passing on to us and that reflected in the theory teaching and practical…. always kept safe and the technical knowledge we gained will keep us informed for a long time. I have taken away a lot away from this course.”

“Got a great deal out of the course in terms of both theory and practice.”

“Communication before and during the course were excellent. Facilities were great. Plenty of chances to practice skills.” 





PRICE: $399.00*




* This is the early bird booking price standard rates available on course calendar.


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